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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

For You by Mimi Strong

For YouFor You by Mimi Strong
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I can honestly say that I enjoyed the book but I felt that in the beginning it seemed a little all over the place. I can't remember the exact moment where it al just came together but it did and once that happened it was like magic. It pulled me in and I found myself unable to tear myself away. It was steamy (I don't think i will ever look at maple syrup quite the same way), emotional, suspenseful, comical, and surprising.

Aubrey was running from her past. Caring for her sister as if she were her own. In order for her and Bell to stay safe she had to tell lies.

"I used to think a lie was a one-time thing, like an egg cracked against the edge of a pan, but a lie is more like a piece of string that you have to keep tying in knots so everything doesn't come undone."

From the moment that Sawyer saw Aubrey he knew her. There was something about her that he couldn't let go of.

"You were a gutted, wallowing candle."
"That was my first impression of you, Aubrey. A wick drowning in melted wax, your flame in danger. Just one more gust of wind and you'd be lost. You'd become that lost girl, sad through and through."

Aubrey did not trust easily, but Sawyer was not giving up.

"You have this effect on me, like the moon has on tide."
"I see you, Aubrey, and I feel you. I've found you, and I will never let you go."

Let me say again there are some STEAMY scenes in this book!!! SUPER HOT!! ON FIRE!

"I want to take off all your clothes and lick and suck every inch of your body. I want to feel you quiver with pleasure, and maybe we bang the headboard into the wall a few times. Or not. It's all up to you how much pleasure you want, but I've already had lunch, so you should I am fueled up and ready to ride for hours."

The story takes some unexpected turns that leave you guessing. I can't wait for more!

*Review by Yari*

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