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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Blog Tour & Giveaway: Rumors by Stephanie Abrams

A Little about Rumors

Conspiracies, secrets, lies, scandals and loves are woven into the intrigue of the business and personal lives of Frank, and his young wife Maisy, their family and friends, as rumors swirl around them and the company Frank joins on his search for a more confrotable life. Warned by Maisy's dad, a retired Nassau County, NY police officer, that disaster awaits if he accepts a job at this local company, based on unprovable rumors about the corporation, Frank's need to make a better life for himself and Maisy result in the lives of all around them being sucked into danger. Rumors abound, like a tornado sweeping through the family and community, threaten the lives, livelihoods, and love relationships of family, friends, and acquaintances in this Long Island community! A glimpse into Frank's welcoming ceremony into the company sets the stage for the intrigue that follows.
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My Review
RumorsRumors by Stephanie Abrams
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Deceit, twisted plots, opportunistic backstabbing characters, Rumors has it all.

Mystery novels are not my go to genre BUT having said that after reading Rumors I might be more inclined to check it out more often.
Stephanie does a good job involving you with the characters and wrapping you into the story.
You get sucked into the worlds of these selfish, self entered, unfortunate characters.

I particularly liked how everything and everyone seemed to be linked together.

There are many stories happening at the same time. I particularly liked Allison story. The Rumors that were manufactured against her changed her entire life. Melanie's story made me laugh at times with her perseverance trying to get her ideas for the flowers on the bema (that were plastic, tacky, and dusty) conceptualized. Newlyweds Frank and Maisy get more than they bargain while trying to create a life together.

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed the story with its many twist and turns.

My favorite quote from the book:
"People are crazy and I'm not going to make myself crazy trying to sort them out"
Yep that pretty much sums it up.

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Author Spotlight
Stephanie Abrams is recognized worldwide as a travel expert and has been rated as one of the 100 most Powerful Women in Travel. She is the executive producer and host of two nationally syndicated radio shows about travel and has appeared on CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, BBC1 radio, and BBC1 TV. She is a sought-after motivational speaker and has given seminars for the last nine years at the NYTimes Travel Show. She is a journalist whose work has appeared in TRAVELHOST, travelgirl, Fido Friendly and WHERE NY. She travels widely globally and in the US and has an award-winning website, which includes the family of brands, and

Stephanie Abrams first novel, "Rumors," while a work of fiction, presents characters and events inspired by her world travels and observations of life's experiences, creating believable people and incidents with unexpected twists and turns. The quiet lives of ordinary people are thrown into chaos that all begins with rumors.

Abrams favorite things in life are traveling with her husband producing exciting radio programming, finding occasions to speak French and kissing her English springer spaniel, Maggie McGee, on the nose. 
Abrams is currently working on a series of travel guides, the first of which is a guide to visiting Ireland, and a sequel to "Rumors." 

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