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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Craving Constellations by Nicole Jacquelyn ~Review and Playlist

"How is it, that someone can make decision after decision attempting to get away from their past and somehow end up right back where they started?"
When Brenna decided to leave the only life she'd ever known, she never thought she'd ever be back. Now, five years later she's running from her clean cut husband straight back to the motorcycle club that raised her... and the man she left behind. She left with a secret, and as soon as she returns the truth will break her carefully constructed life wide open.
Craving ConstellationsCraving Constellations by Nicole Jacquelyn
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

3.75 Stars

A biker series with a lot of promise.

Carving Constellations is an enjoyable read about a girl who grew up in a Motorcycle Club but didn't want that life only to run back there because it was the last place she remembered feeling safe.

I thought the story line was good and I always wanted to find out what was going to happen next. I also found the secondary characters very enjoyable.

I didn't really like the Main Characters much. Brenna makes a lot of choices that I didn't think were the best for her and at time didn't make sense. Dragon does something to Brenna that I just couldn't accept or get over. And because of that event I just couldn't get on bored with him and Brenna.

That being said I believe Nicole has a lot of potential with her writing and story telling, and I'm eager for the next books in the series.

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~About Nicole~
Nicole Jacquelyn is a single mom of two little girls and a full time college student. She hasn’t watched television in well over a year, she still does things that drive her mother crazy, and she loves to read. At eight years old, when asked what she wanted to be when she grew up, she told people she wanted to be a mom. When she was twelve her answer changed- to author. By the time she was eighteen, when people asked her what she wanted to do with her life, she told them she really wanted to be a writer- but the odds of that happening were so slim that she’d get her business degree “just to be safe”. Her dreams stayed constant. First she became a mom, then she went to college, and during her senior year- with one daughter in first grade and the other in preschool, she sat down and wrote a story.

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Friday, August 30, 2013

Arsen by Mia Asher ~ Blog Tour!

Book Title: Arsen a broken love story
Author: Mia Asher
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Women's Fiction
Release date: August 23, 2013

Oh my gosh, we are so excited to be able to tell you about this book. This for us was one of the best books we have read in 2013.
One glance was all it took...
I'm a cheater.
I'm a liar.
My whole life is a mess.
I love a man.
No, I love two men...
I think.
One makes love to me. The other sets me on fire.
One is my rock. The other is my kryptonite.
I'm broken, lost, and disgusted with myself.
But I can't stop. This is my story.
My broken love story.

ArsenArsen by Mia Asher
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Okay, oh my god! Chills...this story gave me chills.

Arsen what can I say...

Forbidden love...
So wrong yet it feels so right...
and full of Angst...

Arsen is brilliant. Beautifully written. It captivates you from the very first page.

It's like a forbidden fruit you know you shouldn't eat but you can't help yourself. Something inside you propels you and makes you do it. Pain can lead us to do some crazy stupid things. Although you know it's wrong its like a fright train takes over and there is no way to stop it from happening. But sometimes, that pain and those stupid decisions...are necessary.

I swear I have never highlighted so much in my life. This book made me hot and giddy yet it also made my heart heavy and cry like a baby. I'm talking ugly cry!

Fuck! The epilogue was completely brutal. It tore me up inside. I seriously needed a couple of days to recuperate from it. Serious book hangover

This is by far one of the best books I have read in 2013. It's a definite must read. I can't wait to see more from Mia.

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Opening my legs with his hands, he enters me slowly, taking his time, making the moment last. When he's all the way in, he pauses as we stare at each other, both of us breathing heavily. Slowly, he brings a hand to caress my naked shoulder. "I've wanted to do this since the moment I kissed you on the street."

"Have sex with me?" I ask.

"No." He bites my lower lip. "Make you mine."

This time he makes love to me. There is no roughness in his treatment of my body, and I don't miss it. This feels as if he is telling me with his body what he cannot voice yet. This feels like we are imprinting each other to our bodies and to our hearts. Moaning, I grab the back of his neck and pull him down for a kiss, getting lost in the moment.

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About Mia
My name is Mia Asher.
I'm a writer, a hopeless romantic, a wanderer, a dreamer, a cynic, and a believer. And, oh yes...I might be a bit crazy -  but who isn't?

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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Running in Place (Mending Hearts #2) by L.B. Simmons ~ Cover reveal


Release date: Late October 2013

We love L.B. and can't wait to read this one. :)

Tatum O'Connell:
Some call me a party girl. People see me as happy, full of life, with absolutely no cares in the world. They see what I want them to see. But no one knows me - really knows me. Not even Noah Reese. Mr. Perfect is always watching me, most likely judging every single imperfect thing I do. But, if Noah wants to keep an eye on me, that's just fine. I definitely don't mind. I just hope he doesn't have any plans to save me from my new-found life of self-destruction because in order to save me, he will have to see me...
And I'm never going to let that happen.
Noah Reese:
Perfect. That's me. That's the only acceptable way to be, according to my father. Perfect grades. Perfect manners. Perfect athlete. Perfect SAT scores. Perfect college. And recently, I was accepted into the perfect med school. My future has already been mapped out for me and there's nothing that can change that. Not even Tatum O'Connell. That girl is out of control, yet for some reason, I can't seem to keep my distance from her. I watch her closely, hoping that one day she'll let me in, but watching her lead her life down the dangerous path she's on right now isn't easy...
I have a feeling I'm about to find myself swept away by the hurricane that is Tatum O'Connell.
"Two fleeting souls,
Unknowingly tethered.
Too slowly drawn,
Impatient fate calls.
The jolting collide intertwines their lives
And splinters their walls."
"Catalyst"- Noah Reese
Still laughing and not paying attention, I round the corner, only to run straight into a completely different kind of trouble. A brown-headed, blue-eyed, whirlwind kind of trouble. A trouble that looks unbelievably hot in a tight-ass, short black dress. A trouble wearing the highest black heels I've ever seen, heels that make her legs look unbelievable and should be outlawed judging by the bulge forming inside my dark Diesels. Damn. She's also a trouble that I've formed a decent friendship with over the last few weeks, so any mental images I have of her doing certain things to me wearing those heels have got to go.
"Hey!" she says laughing as she flips her hair off her shoulders. My eyes immediately land on her pouty lips, the clear shine reflecting off of them as she smiles. "What are you doing here?"
I clear my throat and tear my gaze from her mouth. "Getting my check, you?"
She looks me up and down as she nods her head. "Me too," she says clearing her own throat. "Where are you going, looking all spiffy?"
I chuckle because only she would say spiffy. "I'm taking Piper to that new club, Parallel. Where are you going looking all spiffy?"
She claps her hands together excitedly before taking my hand. "We're going there too! Yay!"
I'm still surprised every time she touches me. It's such a drastic change from the first day at the duplexes. As I think about the last month or so - all the times that we laughed together at something ridiculous that she said, or the fact that she insists on bumping hips with me every single time a song comes on the radio that she likes while singing at the top of her lungs, even the times she lightly brushes her hand across my arm while she's speaking - there's a level of comfort and ease about our friendship. Reason five hundred why I need to curb my inappropriate thoughts about this one.
I smile to myself as she tugs me harder. "Where are you taking me?"
"To the employee bathroom!"
Well, that did absolutely nothing to fend off my dirty thoughts.
She giggles. Obviously, she's already started drinking. Great. Well, at least we'll be at the same place so I can make sure Dickhead the Douchebag takes care of her.
"Because, I'm gonna fix your hair. It looks too...perfect. It needs to be messy - sexy, like you." She stops dead in her tracks. "Um...I mean, as sexy as you look now." She exhales, frustrated. "Sexily dressed, that's what I mean." She bites her bottom lip nervously as she mentally tries to hook her words and reel them back in. I just laugh because she looks so damn cute.
"So, you think I'm sexy?"
Saying nothing else, she rolls her eyes and pulls me in the direction of the bathroom. Once we arrive, she flips on the light and points at the toilet seat for me to take a seat. Turning on the faucet, she sets her purse on the counter and pulls out a travel size hairspray. After digging around for a little while longer, she turns towards me.
"Well, I guess this will have to do." She tilts her head to the left and then scrunches her mouth to the same side, deep in thought. Nodding to herself, she leans over and wets her fingers in the sink before stepping in between my legs.
She breathes in deeply before placing her fingers in my hair. Slowly, she distributes the water throughout, often leaning back to the faucet to get more. Her cool hands work from the side of my head toward the top, where her fingers interlace to form a spiky section down the center. The she bends at the waist, placing her face so close to mine, her breaths hit my mouth. I know I can't have her, but damn if I don't want to take some piece of her with me. So greedily, I take in her air with every breath she releases. Her eyes still focused on my hair, I watch her mouth. Still breathing with her, I lick my lips, the movement distracting her so that she brings her blue eyes to mine. In silence, we stare, only the shared breaths between us are heard.
Taking her hand out of my hair, she places it on the side of my face and gently strokes my cheek with her thumb as we hold each other's eyes. Before long, I watch a soft saddened half-smile appear on her lips. "Much better," she says with one last soothing run of her thumb before she backs away. Reaching for the hairspray, she tweaks the top of my hair, pulling random pieces in different directions before spraying them. I fight the urge to put my hands around her waist and pull her into me. To hold her. To have her.
Instead, I sit with my hands on my knees, wanting what I can't have.
After a couple of sprays, she steps back. "All done. You're good to go. To the bar. With Piper," she says, the pitch of her voice getting higher with each incomplete sentence spoken. There's no mistaking the heartache radiating between the both of us. It's so thick I could slice it with a knife.
*Mending Hearts Series*
Book 1 - Running on Empty
Book 1.5 - Recovery
*About the Author*
L.B. Simmons is a graduate of Texas A&M University and holds a degree in Biomedical Science. She has been a practicing Chemist for the last 11 years. She lives with her husband and three daughters in Texas and writes every change she gets.
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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Running Home by T.A. Hardenbrook ~ Cover Reveal & Chapter 1 sneak!!!


Author: T.A. Hardenbrook
Release date: October 8, 2013

Isn't it such a pretty cover? We can't wait to read it just by the cover alone.


Carmen always had a wild streak about her while growing up in this small town. Everyone use to say her only saving grace in this world was her best friend Walker who tried to keep the flighty girl grounded. But life was too big for her to live in this one stop light kind of town; she had dreams and wants that could take her anywhere but staying there. Anything was better than being stuck in the perpetuating cycle of being born and dying in this hell hole she called the reality of a small town girl.

Walker was the only anchor that could hold her home, she lived for that boy. So how do you explain to someone that staying there would only suffocate the possibilities of making a better life for oneself? Running away was the only option, and leaving a piece of her heart with him would keep her strong out in the real world, at least she hoped it would.

After years of trying to make it on her own, struggling through life and trying to stay clean, the only reality she sees at surviving now is going back to the place she tried so hard to break free from. Unsure if her old life is willing to accept the choices she has made, the lone thought that matters to her is hoping she still has to only man she counted on her entire life in her corner. You can always go home, but will they be willing to take you back?

*Chapter 1 ~ Teaser*
Carmen, June 2007

"Carmen get down from there!" Walker shouted as I sauntered across the concrete railing on the old train bridge. "You need to calm down, nothing is going to happen." I lowered myself to sit and face the moon shining on the pond below. Nothing was ever going to happen to me, I was invisible to everything. No matter how hard I tried to break the cycle of mediocrity, this small town smacked me back in the face. I could jump off this bridge into a pool filled with piranhas and not a single one would bite me. I had the best of luck when it came to safety; however the sanity issue is where the problem was. I couldn't break free of my mind; it was always swirling with useless information. A release was what I craved, an escape  into the world unknown. Glancing over at Walker as he meandered over to the railing, I pushed myself off the edge and fall into the darkness below.

     The cool water rushed around my body as I tumbled into the pond below the bridge. It felt like a million little needles piercing my skin, reminding my brain that I was still alive. I broke the surface and felt the hot sticky air fill my lungs as I took a breath. The difference between the two temperatures was amazing, awakening my soul and calming my mind. It was like being in two different places at once, and in reality I was just dying to get out of one.


 "Carmen!" Walker screamed from the bridge. It's not like it was the first time I've done this. It was liberating to just close my eyes and jump, and each time I did it, Walker panicked like it would be the last. "Are you okay?" my best friend screamed down at me. I flashed him a thumbs up as he shook his head and muttered something to himself. I'm betting it contained curse words; he was going to lay into me again for the millionth time for this little stunt. It's not that I didn't care; it was just the same thing every time. I was being irresponsible with my life, there was so much more to do and see that doing something careless as jumping off the bridge into a small pond was the dumbest idea I could possibly do in his eyes. Swimming over to the edge of the bank I knew I could rattle off several more idiotic things I've done in the past more dangerous that this, but I know it would only break his heart. He was the only person in this world that actually cared about me, and it was like a punch in the gut every time I let him down.

     Pulling myself up on the embankment I caught his eyes as he walked down the small hill. Too late I've done it again, as I noticed the hurt written all over his beautiful face.

"Calm down Walker, I slipped," I mentioned while ringing the water out of my hair. Walker didn't say anything once he reached the rocks; I knew he was pissed and was about to find out exactly the level of anger I managed to hit tonight. "Why in the hell do you do that? You're not going to live forever Carmen, one day it's not going to end well. I refuse to be there when that happens; I love you way too much to watch you self-destruct." His eyes bored into mine, laced with heartache and pain I managed to hand deliver to him tonight. I broke the contact and rolled my eyes at my best friend; it's the same story I've heard from him a million and one times, basically the shortened version claims that I'm crazy. Hell I might just be a little off my rocker, I act on impulse and normally that resulted in something dumb happening.


I've always been a little different; from the first day on the playground of third grade when I went up to the most popular girl at school and pushed her down because she wouldn't include me in her group, Walker was the only kid who would stand by my side after that. Who would have known he would grow up to be an all-star athlete and that everyone in our small town loved, and I would be the girl who people pitied. Well I'm betting everyone knew that; considering that my parents  were both druggies who dropped me off with my grandparents when I was eight. My grandmother always said I was  free bird like my mom; the only difference between mom and me is the drugs. Now I love a good beer and hand me a shot of whiskey and I'll be your best friend, but I was not going to ruin my life like they did with the hard stuff. Maybe it's because my parents left me alone that I'm this way, it always seemed easier to blame someone else for my problems. No one expected me to do anything with my life anyhow, might as well live up to their expectations right?

     "Let's go home Carmen," Walker shook his head and held out his hand to help me up the steep embankment.

     "But it's still early Walker, look the sun isn't even out yet."

     "That's the point; your grandparents are going to be mad for you being out this late already."

     "When are they not angry Walker, I'm like a living reminder of their failure at parenthood." He got behind me and pushed my body up the last little bit to the level ground. I stood there sopping wet as I watched him stalk back to his truck, I wasn't ready to head home yet. Going back to my small room in the little farm house on the old dirt road from the left outside of the tiny town we lived in; my own personal hell. I refused to die in this one stop light kind of town, there had to be more in life the getting married and raising two-point-five kinds and joining the PTA.

     Looking at the millions of stars in the sky I knew I was destined for more, no one was going to stop me from achieving my dreams. Even if I had no clue what they were yet.


 "Carmen," my grandmother yelled down the hall. I slowly opened my eyes to read the clock sitting beside my bed; the fact that it flashed seven-fifteen made me want to hurl it across the room. I only had to endure getting up at this hour through the next week till graduation, which was IF I could pass the last test in US History. Why anyone needed to know about the stupid wars and presidents was beyond me, considering I couldn't even tell you who was in charge of our country now let alone a hundred years ago.

     "Carmen are you up yet? You know Walker will be here in twenty minutes to collect you."

     "I'm up I swear," I yelled as I threw the covers back over my head. "We don't swear in this house young lady," as Grams ripped the comforter off my bed, leaving me cold almost naked. "I know," I snapped while rolling out of bed. Grams gave me a stern look as she tossed the bedding back on the bed. "Manners Carmen, a lady needs to watch her tongue," she lectured me whole leaving the room. "Sorry," I muttered, dragging myself to the closet to find something clean to wear, just four more days till I could get the hell out of here.


"Morning Mrs. Montgomery," Walker's southern drawl floated around the kitchen. Why Walker ever put up with my ass was million dollar question, that boy had a heart of gold while mine was the consistency of coal. "Alright let's get this done," I barked while glancing at Walker as he waited in the doorway. "Carmen can't you ever dress like a lady?" Grams scoffed as she pulled a tray of muffins out of the oven.

     "At least my ass isn't hanging out."

     "Language, I don't want to have to remind you again." Grams scolded while handing Walker a brown sack filled with home cooked goodies. "Thanks Mrs. Montgomery," he tipped his hat and flashed a smile. "Well if we are done playing nice this morning, I've got to figure out how in the hell I'm going to pass this test today." I placed a quick kiss to Gram's cheek and drug Walker out the door. I slipped my sunglasses on my face and walked over to the Bronco, I couldn't wait to be done with school, just four more days and I was going to be free from the awful place. I couldn't fucking wait.


     I tossed my hair up in a messy bun and flipped the dial on the radio to find anything but country. "That crap you listen to is going to rot your brain," Walker mumbled as he flew down the old country road to the high school. "Can't destroy my brain, it's been one for a long time," I winked at him and kicked my feet up on the dash.

     "Are you going to be able to graduate Saturday? I swear I will drag your ass across that stage, all you have to do is pass this test."

     "Yeah genius, I'm completely prepared for this exam," I mock, knowing damn well it was going to be a miracle if I scored anything over a sixty percent. I only needed a sixty-two on this test to graduate, nothing like flying by the seat of my pants with the future unknown. Walker just shook his head with a look of pity on his face, I needed to pass this test and prove everyone in this damn town wrong.

     "I don't need your sorrow Walker; you know I'm going to be just fine once I get the hell out of here."

     "That's what I'm scared about Carmen; I keep hoping you are going to realize that life here isn't that bad."

     I rolled my eyes under my dark glasses, this boy was crazy. I am so close to packing up my shit and heading out west. The land of glamor and opportunity was just creaming my name and nothing was going to stand in my way of it. Not graduating, not my family, and for sure not this town.

     "How did it go?" Walker hurried to catch up to me in the hallway after fifth period. "I don't really know, I mean I answered all the questions," I shrugged.

     "Carmen it was a multiple choice test, I hope you at least filled in all the bubbles?"

     "Oh shit, I knew I missed something," I sneered while turning the dial on the lock attached to my locker. After several failed attempts Walker pushed me out of the way and spun it till it clicked. I sent him a loving glare; it was almost a year now that I've been stuck with the same combo that apparently I would never remember. "Oh my savior, what am I ever going to do without you?" I teased while batting my eyelashes and pouted my lips.

     "Knock it off Carmen; you know I hate the idea of you leaving."

     "Well get used it champ, this chick is going to see her name in lights!" I slap him on the ass while I closed my locker. "What am I going to do without you?" Walker expressed as he grabbed my bag and headed down the hallway for our government class. "Enjoy life? I don't know maybe date someone?" Instantly my mouth went dry and my stomach plummeted when I mentioned dating someone. I know I can't keep him forever, but I hated the thought of him with anyone else but me. It's not like we ever took that step from our friendship but I still thought of him as my soul mate. Dating someone else just made me angry and bitter, maybe I was meant to stick around this lonely little town after all. Finding love was meant to be everything in life, I just wasn't so sure it was the life for me.

     I waited on the top of the Bronco for Walker to finish with baseball practice. Stripping off my t-shirt I laid back on the roof in just my black lacy bra, closing my eyes and soaking up the rays. The hot metal of the truck was scorching on my exposed skin, but it was worth it as I developed a darker complexion to my naturally tan body. "Carmen put your clothes on," Walker sighed as he slipped his bag into the back and stripped off his shirt. I couldn't help but drool over his body. The years of sports and working in his father's fields have done this man good. His abs were ripped to the point where they looked unreal, and his chiseled pecks were something that no eighteen year old should have. If he was a tall drink of water I wanted to bathe in it, hell I would drown in the liquid of him. "You don't have a shirt on," I replied while resting my body up on my elbows.

     "Carmen my dear you are absolutely stunning!" a team member of Walker's shouted out as he climbed into his truck. I smiled and gave him a wave as Walker stood down on the concrete crossing his arms looking like he was about to murder someone. "Seriously Walker, you've seen me in less," I grumbled as I tossed my shirt over my head and slid down the front windshield. "Yeah well you're my best friend Carmen, the whole world doesn't need to see you naked."

     "It's a bra; my swimsuit covers less than this!" I grabbed my boobs and gave them a squeeze, for gosh sakes it's just extra flaps of skin attached to my chest. I don't know what his problem was; it wasn't like he liked me in that way. I knew I was a little slutty; hey I might even be called the town whore. It's not like I've slept with the entire senior class, just maybe the quarter of them. "Maybe I'm practicing for my porn debut," as I smacked his rock hard abs and walked around to climb in the passenger side of the truck.

      "You're not doing porn Carmen."

     "Oh come on, two chicks one guy starring the fabulous Carmen Westin!" I gave him a wink. It's not like I'd do porn, well I might if the money was right. Never say never right?

     "So when will we know if you passed?" Walker asked as he turned off the Bronco in my driveway. "I hope tomorrow, but who knows. I think they have to have the list to the principal on Wednesday so he can sign off on the ceremony. How about we intercept it before it reaches him, we can dress like ninjas and show off our karate moves. Then slip my name on that bad boy and deliver it with a smile," as I wiggled my eyebrows with the crazy idea. 

     "First, you're going to pass that stupid test. Second, what ninja skills are we talking about?"

     "The ones I've been practicing for the last ten years, duh Walker," I laughed as I flung the door open and hopped out. "You did dance for a couple of weeks when you were like ten. That was the last time you did anything that resembled working out," He replied as we walked up to the kitchen door. 

     "You don't know everything about me Walker, I do have some secrets."

     "Don't give me that,  you are about as open as a twenty-four hour drive thru McDonald's."

     "I hear we are getting one of those," quickly trying to change the subject. "Nice try, but I know you Carmen. I'm starting to believe I know you better than you know yourself," Walker mentioned while he opened a cabinet and grabbed two glasses. Walking over to the fridge I seized the milk and poured the ice cold liquid into the cups. Handing one to him we both took a seat at the table, letting the silence from our awkward conversation fill the air. 

     I don't know what I would do without this man sitting across from me. He had been there through thick and thin; sitting with me in detention because he wouldn't let me take the full blame on something I always messed up on, breaking curfew with my grandparents and having them ground me for weeks so we would spend every Friday night watching movies until they set me free again. This was the man who would pick me up and brought me home from school, always made sure I had eaten a meal,  held my hair back when I partook in too much alcohol, and loved me unconditionally. How was I going to make it without him watching over my dumbass self, why couldn't he just come with me? Oh that's right; he is already stuck in this trap of a small town. Local sports hero who would join the sheriff's department after he graduates, basically a parade should be thrown for how fricken' fantastic he is. I quickly gulped down the remainder of my milk in jealousy; all I wanted was to feel free from the constrictions this town placed on me. I was Carmen the screw up, the girl who would never be good enough for Walker the town prince. Some messed up Cinderella story my life has turned out to be. 

     "Walker sweet boy, would you go grab Henry from the barn? I've got dinner on the table," as Grams handed the plates over to me to set out. "Sure thing Mrs. Montgomery," Walker responded while walking out the back door in search of my grandpa. 

     "That boy is something special, why can't you two just go steady?"

     "Grams it's not like that between us. Besides on one goes steady anymore when it's just a matter of heading to Vegas and stopping by the drive-thru chapel of love then a quick jaunt over to the local court house to void the papers."

     "Life isn't as negative as you paint it to be Carmen."

     "Really because my parents are junkies, I can barely pass high school, and I'm dying to get out of here!" I refused to cry over this shitty deals my life has been given. Yes my parents are drug addicts, shit happens. They don't deserve a single tear to fall from my eyes. The best thing they ever did was leave me here, and that says a lot considering I'm counting down the seconds till I get on a Greyhound out of here. There is nothing but a big ass black sucking hole in this town,  just waiting for the new graduates to step out into their future at the local Dairy Queen and Quickie Mart. No one ever leaves this hell hole, it's like an invisible force field that blocks people from moving on, however I'm about to shake up that electrical current. I wasn't going to die in this one horse town, I wasn't made to have lots of babies and teach Sunday school. I was meant to travel the world, bare my soul to anyone willing to listen, and show that there is life after high school. It was about time for someone to kick this town in the ass; I refuse to get stuck here. 

   We hope you enjoyed the chapter 1 sneak! Don't forget  to add to your TBR!!!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Something Great by M. Clarke ~ Blog Tour

She didn't know what she was missing...until he found her.
Maxwell Knight was positively trouble, dangerously good-looking, and seductively charming . He was everything Jeanella didn't need in her life. Only Maxwell didn't see it that way. His pursuits was relentless, making her even more determined to push him away.
Fresh out of college, life was simple and plain for Jeanella Mefferd. Every part of her life was smooth sailing; her friends, her job, and even the guy she'd started dating. Then one night, while at dinner, she spotted someone who made her feel things she'd never felt before--dangerous, her heart pounding and breathless heat. Thinking she would never see him again, she brushed it off, but when she started to run into him unexpectedly, all she could think of was how he made her feel with his sweet flirtations. Everything about Maxwell Knight screamed trouble, especially when she found out he was her new boss's son. Now, heading to a New York fashion show, would she be able to focus on her career instead of Maxwell, who had been scheduled to attend with her? As much as she tried to forget their encounters, his good looks, smooth words and determination to win her over gravitated her toward him. The next things she knew, her mind was utterly consumed by him. Would she be willing to ignore all the dangerous signs and jump into his arms? Or would she miss out of the chance of finding something great?
Buy links:

Barnes & Noble ~ Kobo

Book Trailer:


"I think this is my stop," he muttered, looking straight at me. "I'm not wanted in there. What do you think?" He arched his brows, and his tone held a note of challenge.

Huh? He wants to go in with me? I gasped silently, as I was still lost in his eyes. "I think the women in there will throw themselves at you." I couldn't believe I'd said those words. I couldn't take it back. What was I doing, flirting with him?

He seemed to like what he heard. His arms reached out, his muscles flexing as he placed one on each side of me on the wall. With nowhere to go, I was trapped inside the bubble of his arms. He leaned down toward the left side of my face and brushed my hair with his cheek. "You smell...delicious," he whispered. His hot breath shot tingles to places I hadn't expected them.

Out of nervousness and habit, my left index finger flew inside my mouth. Max gave me a crooked, naughty grin and slowly took my hand out of my mouth. "Did you know that biting one's finger is an indication one is sexually deprived?" His words came out slowly, playfully, but hot. "I can fix that for you, if you'd like."

He did not just say that to me! I parted my lips for a good comeback, but I couldn't find one. Feeling my chest rise and fall quickly, I tried to control the heated desire. Sure, he'd helped me once, but that didn't mean we were friends, or flirting buddies, or that I would allow him to fix my sexual deprivation. Oh God...can guys tell if you haven't done it in a very long time? This had to stop or else...oh dear...I wanted to take him with me into the restroom.

Needing to put a stop to the heat, I placed my hand on his chest...big mistake. Touching him made the heat worse, and tingles that were already intensifying burst through every inch of me. I had to push him away. As if he knew what I meant to do, he pulled back, but his eyes did the talking instead. There was no need for words; I felt his hard stare on my body, as if he was undressing me with his gorgeous eyes. His gaze powerful, as if his eyes were hands; I felt them all over me, completely unraveling me.

Just when I thought I was going to faint, his eyes shifted to mine again. "It was really nice to meet you, Jenna. I'm sure we'll see each other again, real soon. I better let you go. Your someone must be waiting for you. By the way..." There was a pause as he charmed me with his eyes again. "You...took my breath away. If I were your someone, I wouldn't let you out of my sight for even a second, because someone like me will surely try to whisk you away." He winked and left.

About the Author:

Mary Ting resides in Southern California with her husband and two children. She enjoys oil painting and making jewelry. Writing her first novel, Crossroad Saga, happened by chance. It was a way to grieve the death of her beloved grandmother, and inspired by a dream she once had as a young girl. When she started reading new adult novels, she fell in love with the genre. It was the reason she had to write one-Something Great. Why the pen name, M Clark? She tours with Magic Johnson Foundation to promote literacy and her children's chapter book-No Bullies Allowed

Website ~ Facebook: Author MClark ~ Facebook: Author MaryTing ~ Goodreads Author page ~ Blog ~ Twitter


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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Breeze of Life by Kristy Dallas ~ Blog Tour Review

This book was very emotional and heartfelt. We highly recommend it. Just be prepared and have a box of tissues on standby.


Recommended for 17 years+. This book contains language which some may find offensive and sexual situations.

Bree 'Breeze' Delany never imagined her life could sink so deep. That such intense pain could take up residence in her heart and shred her soul to pieces. And all it had taken was one little word to drag Bree to the depths of this despair, cancer.

It took just one person to pull Bree from the darkness, her best friend Harper Somerville. Determined to show his Breeze the beauty in life no matter how short or long it is, Harper takes Bree on the road trip of a lifetime.

Not only does Harper remind Bree how exciting and beautiful life is, but he also shows her a passion and love that she has only read about in her naughty romance novels.

Screw happily ever afters, perhaps life was meant to be lived with happily ever nows...

Book Trailer:


Breeze of LifeBreeze of Life by Kirsty Dallas
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Incredible! A story of hope and love. Crushingly emotional with a very real subject matter that affects so many.

This book had me in such an emotional state. It's hard to even describe all the emotions that I experienced while reading this. The story gave a very realistic look into the mind frame of the person that's experiencing this fate. No one wants to be told that dreaded word "cancer". I couldn't even imagine what it would be like to be told such a thing. How do you go on?

That is exactly the predicament that Bree/Breeze found herself in. Battling to live on her own. Her best friend Harper refuses to let her waste life. Determine to show her just how wonderful life can be even if it only lasts one day.
Life is what you make of it and with Harper's help Bree's life takes a very interesting turn.

I completely sympathized with Bree. Throughout the entire story. She is dealing with so much. My heart ached for her. Harper was Bree's rock. He was a very take-charge kind of guy and I found him so very sexy. He wasn't afraid to let Bree know exactly what he felt.

This book took me on a very emotional journey and I enjoyed every minute of it. I want my own road trip filled with spin the bottle/truth or dare, never have I ever games, and tattoos that made me teary just thinking about the beautiful meanings behind them. Kristy Dallas takes hold of your emotions from the first page and doesn't give them back until the very end. What a fantastic read!

Author Bio:

I'm just a little Aussie girl with a big imagination, so much to write and so little time to do it. When I'm not writing (or reading) I am kept smiling and sane (for the most part) by my 5 year old daughter. She is the light in my world. I have a wonderfully supportive family who keep me completely grounded. Trust me, they will never let any success go to my head!! And I love them for it. I enjoy ice cold ciders, barbeques, music and art. I hate cooking, in fact I think I have major kitchen allergies. My feet rarely grace anything other than flip-flops and even in the middle of a hot Aussie summer, I love my jeans!!! To sum me up in a few words (and you know how hard just a few words is for an author) ~ easy going, laid back, dreamy and passionate.

I hope you all love reading my novels as much as I love writing them.



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Ending a Broken Journey by Melissa L. Delgado ~ Blog Tour!!

Title: Ending a Broken Journey 
Author: Melissa L. Delgado
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release date: August 3, 2013

We are so excited to be able to tell you about this book! Melissa is a dear friend of ours and we are just so extremely proud of her. We hope you enjoy the book as much as we did.

A childhood crush who moved away. An adult love that shattered her world. Twenty-seven year old Mackenzie Tillson hasn't been living for quite some time, rather, just existing. Life is passing her by and even with the love of her friends and family she can't quite seem to snap out of the disconnected bubble she has created around her. Moving day by day as a shell of a person who once knew what it meant to live.

Until one day, the boy who first had her heart comes back. With a vengeance...Drew Dean has been apart from the girl he loved all of those years ago for far too long and now that fate has provided them with a second chance, he will make it  clear to her that she is, and always has been the one for him. But what Drew discovers in the process, is Mackenzie may just end up being completely unreachable.

Is it possible to get through to someone who has no intentions of ever letting anyone in again? Can a person find their way through the darkness and emptiness they've created? For Mackenzie, trudging along in life alone is where she feels she deserves to be. But will she find it in her to fight and break the barrier of the internal distorted view she has of herself? Or will she let everyone and everything slip away? As Mackenzie tries to piece together the remnants of her shattered existence, she inadvertently discovers life, love and loss are one in the same. A hopeful journey to be taken with an ending to fill the emptiness she's carried for too long.

Excerpt Pics!


Ending a Broken Journey (Journey, #1)Ending a Broken Journey by Melissa L. Delgado
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

How do you go on when the person you see reflected in the mirror is not really you? No, this person you see reflected back at you is empty, broken, a person you loathe and that disgusts you. So much so, that you alienate those closest to you in hopes that they can't see just how damaged you really are.

Mackenzie Tillson is this broken, self-hating, shell of the person she used to be. Not able to let those around her help to unload this hatred she has for herself. She has a great support system from her family and friends, but she is too embarrassed and prideful to let anyone in.

"Do you know what I see when I look in the mirror?" She continues on without an answer, "I see hollowness where there should be a sparkle, I see fragmented pieces where there should be a whole person, and I see a lost little girl where there should be a found and mature woman. When I look at myself? I see hatred for the woman I've become; a woman who nobody can love because she doesn't know how to love herself."

That is until her childhood friends, the Dean Brothers- Drew and Jax, return to Florida after 11 years away. They make "Kennie", as Drew calls her, question what she sees in the mirror, maybe she can leave the baggage behind and become the person she used to be. Can she fully give her heart after it being crushed once making her the person she is today? Will secrets tear them apart when they are finally revealed?

This book is not a roller-coaster ride. This book, like the title says, is a journey; a journey of self-discovery and self-acceptance. They story is told in alternating POV's (who doesn't love alternating POV's?--I know I do!)which gives you so much insight into the characters. To add to the greatness that is this book the main character, Kennie, writes poems that she uses to express her feelings because she is unable to open up to others about her broken past. The poems are beautifully written and add so much to the story. There are flashbacks that give a lot of perspective into the events that happened that ultimately resulted in how the characters are today.

I can't say enough how much this story inspired and entertained me. Melissa did such an amazing job with the dialogue between the characters. Kennie and her best friends Ade and Cass are exactly how my friends and I talk and interact with each other. Kip, Kennie's older brother, is the big brother I never had but always wished I did. He is her protector, always there for her whenever she needs him (and whenever she doesn't need him too-- Oh Kip! LOL!). Jax provides such a great comedic relief to this story. He is undoubtedly a scene stealer. You are going to LOVE him. My heart is torn between which brother I want to keep for myself. Drew and Jax are both so yummy! Drew is strong, confident, sexy, sweet talking, and just plain dreamy. Jax, well... who doesn't love a smart, funny, tattooed up guy with a mysterious past?

Pleased to meet you, sugar. I'm not interested in anything long term, long waks on the beach, or talking about feelings. But, I'm definitely interested in you, and have a feeling you just might be able to change that about me." He winks at her.

See what I mean? People are going to eat him up! Rest assured he WILL be getting his own book, so you are going to have A LOT more of yummy Jax coming soon. But in the meantime, can I have them both? I know I being greedy, but sue me!

I have the privilege to call Melissa L. Delgado my best friend. So...yes I may be a little bias, but this book really speaks for itself. It pulls at your heart-strings and makes you go on the journey right along Kennie. This journey is not an easy one, especially when someone has made your self-esteem and self-worth so low that it seems almost impossible to get back to the person you used to be. But when ACCEPTANCE's such a beautiful thing. Watch out world, Melissa is coming and she is taking this world by a storm. Her writing is enrapturing, powerful, and real. You feel the depth of the characters without feeling completely overwhelmed by their issues. Her characters are loveable, sarcastically funny, and so very entertaining.

Andrew Trey Dean is on top of my book boyfriend list. He is absolutely swoon-worthy! I found myself with a goofy smile on my face whenever he came into the story.

"I see you and the insecurities you carry around." I put my index finger against her lips to assure her I'm not done, "and I want you to know, whatever did happen to you? Whatever delusions that last asshole put in your head, the one who helped to make you think so poorly of yourself, are wrong. The way you see yourself, Kennie, is wrong." I pause and lightly shake my head. "I know it's wrong, because I-whenI see you, I see so much more."

I mean come on! Isn't that swoon-worthy?

*Look for Ending a Torn Past-Jax's story expected to be released early 2014. Ohhh, one last thing...although this will be a series, all the books can STANDALONE!!! No dreaded cliff-hangers here. BUT it is best to read in order so you will have a better understanding into the characters. I can't wait for Jax's book. I will be hounding her like the rest of you. :)

Character Casting:

Buy it!

Author Bio:

I love anything and everything pertaining to make up or beauty. I love to write and shop. I love going to the movies and spending time with my friends and family. I love to dance. I love to laugh and to make others laugh. I'm inspired by dance, music, poetry, and photography. I feel there is beauty in everything. I believe to get respect you have to give respect and to treat others how you want to be treated. I love everything and anything vintage. I love Jesus and believe in having faith in the unseen and unheard. I love to have fun and make new memories. But mostly, I love life. Enjoying the road I'm on, and making the most of it.

Fun Facts about Melissa:

1. I can recite the alphabet backwards ;)
2. I can rap the Busta Rhymes part in the song Look at Me Now!
3. I can draw and paint as well :)
4. I am a slam poet (next performance is in September)
5. I have an impeccable memory, most situations I can remember verbatim.
6. I am the middle child.
7. I am a HUGE fan of makeup. I watch YouTube tutorials almost daily.
8. I used to be a hip hop dancer.
9. I love anything dealing with interior design.
10. I didn't write my first actual legitimate poem until November of last year. That was inspired by a book I read: Slammed by Colleen Hoover.

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