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About Us

Who is Books, Babes, and Cheap Cabernet?

Hello fellow book: lovers, hoarders, nerds... and everyone in between!

We are two sisters who love reading and want to spread the word with anybody who is willing to listen. ^_^
We are Babes, who LOVE books and enjoy drinking wine, cheap or not, (who doesn't like a good glass of wine?), while fantasizing (oops we mean reading) about insanely hot book boys.

Our favorite genres are Romance, Erotica ( Rough & Dirty is how we like it), paranormal romance, historical romance, and pretty much anything in between.

We love to promote our indie authors any way we can. We started this website with that in mind.  
We love to be be part of Blog Tours, Cover Reveals, Author spotlights, and pretty much any type of promotional posts to get the word out on our favorite authors (indie or published).

Authors:  Please contact us on our email if you have a book that you would like us to review, we would love to read it!

Thank you for giving us willing ear to gush about our favorite book boyfriends.
Yari & Karinna :)

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