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Monday, January 7, 2013

Book Review by Bella: Red Flags by C.C. Brown

Are you KIDDING me right NOW!?! I am totally flabbergasted. Red Flags by C.C. Brown was cute, fun, steamy, and SCANDALOUS!!

I love the way C.C. Brown is so descriptive! I really felt like I was in each scene, yes, even the hawt ones *winks* This was a super easy story to get engulfed in, and it kept you on your toes, for sure. 

Now, I will say that the way Jason and Cara got together was definitely something out of a movie, or maybe if you believe in "love" at first sight. I was a little taken back with their first encounter, but it made sense and the events to follow really do spin off that pivotal moment. 

Jason is really in a league all his own, I really had a love/hate relationship with him. I want to love him, but he can really be a ROYAL pain in the ass. I know that he means well, and really loves Cara..... or does he? His sweet gestures, his All-American boy smile, and his Adonis like body really take him a long way... I'm tell you, you will love to hate him and hate to love him... no doubt. 

This is totally a must read, you want a whirl-wind, something that you have to really try to wrap your head around... this is your next book! 
Can't wait for the second book, I have to know what's in store for Jason and Cara.

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