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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Love Me by Jillian Dodd ~ Release day! Review & Giveaway!!!

It's finally here the release day of Love Me (Book four) in The Keatyn Chronicles!!
We absolutely LOVED it. I'm sure you guys are going to go to the moon and back over it too.
In case you don't know we are TEAM AIDEN all the way!

My mom says that you can't love someone until you learn to love yourself.
So even though Vincent is getting more and more scary.
Even though he's doing a nationwide search for me.
I'm going to learn to love myself.
Well, I'm going to try.
Mostly, I want a boy to love me.
But which one?
Dawson - The gorgeous boy who made a mistake, but whose molten lava kisses and steaminess I can't freaking resist.
Aiden - The God of all Hotties, who is practically infused with love potion. Who I thought liked me, but now says he wants to be my friend.
Brooklyn - The boy that first stole my heart. Who has always loved me. Well, until the whole cabana incident.
I mean, it was bad enough when there was sort of a love triangle, but now that I'm talking to B again, it's like I'm in a love rectangle, or a rhombus, or something.
Oh, and did I mention Cooper Steele?
The new soccer coaching, health teaching, tattooed hunk?
Who Garrett sent to school to guard my body.
I mean, be my bodyguard.
But back to loving me.
I should forget about boys and worry about me.
Love me.
Like, eventually.

Our Review

Love Me (The Keatyn Chronicles, #4)Love Me by Jillian Dodd
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

On this weeks episode of The Keatyn Chronicles... 'Love Me'

And Action...

Team Aiden forever!

Wow... what a book. Jillian Dodd does it again. Love Me had my heart racing, palms sweating, and had me on the edge of my seat.

If you haven't read this series yet what are you waiting for?! This series is seriously like crack. I'm addicted and they try to make me go to rehab but I say

Every time I read another book in this series I feel like a detective. I want to dissect everything that's going on. I must find out who Moon Boy is!

Love Me picks up right where Date Me leaves off. Aiden has done a big gesture and it just confuses Keatyn's love life even more. Still unsure about her feelings, Keatyn starts to date Dawson and Aiden ... at the same time! You can imagine how well that works out.

The growth that Keatyn has gone through since book 1, Stalk Me, has been amazing to experience. She begins to really take a look at herself and the decisions she has made in her life, which really help her become the type of person she wants to be.

Now in my opinion Aiden is the only one for Keatyn. AIDEN IS MOON BOY! Do you hear me Jillian?!?! Make it happen. ;)

Tune into next week's episode: 'Adore Me'

... And Cut

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Buy Love Me
The Keatyn Chronicles is meant to be read in order. Like you are watching a tv show. So, don't forget to get the rest of the series before you read Love Me.
Book One - Stalk Me
Book Two - Kiss Me
Book Three- Date Me

Adore Me: Release date November 23, 2013

Adore Me is Keatyn Chronicle novella covering Keatyn's time during Thanksgiving Break.
This is Book 4.5 of the 6 book series.

Prizes One: Kindle Wi-Fi 6'' Display (OR $70 Amazon Gift Card)
Prize Two: Moon Boy Shirt (size small to 2x) AND signed Love Me paperback
Prize Three: Keatyn Chonicles Coffee Mug AND Love Me Necklance

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This truly sums up how we are feeling. Even a week after reading Love Me. We hope you like it as much as we did.


  1. :) Awesome review!! ....I CANT WAIT TO READ THIS!!!! #teamdamian lol

    1. Thanks. Hahaha Dawn Team Damian!Noooo! lol. J/K you are entitled to your team even if it's not Aiden our #GodofAllHotties I hope you read it soon. You won't be disappointed. :)