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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A Simple Touch by Natasha Wilson~ Blog Tour: Review, Blake POV & Giveaway

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Jordan Thomas doesn't have the time or the physical capability to even contemplate being in a relationship. Her past has altered her present so much that she has no choice but to perfect her shields and harden her heart. No man has come close to breaking through those shields in two years.

Until Blake.

Blake Barnes is exactly what Jordan is trying to stay away from but he refuses to let her attitude and proneness for disasters stop him from what he make her his. Little by little, Jordan's will crumbles under Blake's relentless pursuit. All she has to do is find the courage to stay...

Can she give him what he wants? Can he be what she needs?

*18+ up due to adult content*


A Simple TouchA Simple Touch by Natasha Wilson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

*4.5 Stars*

Just one touch... That's all it takes

*Sigh* ... What a great love story.

Jordan Thomas' past has left her physically unable to accept a males touch. Even the smallest graze can send her into a full blown panic attack.

Until Blake...

Blake Barnes walks into Jordan's work and knows she is the one for him.

"I've been crazy over you before we met... You looking so sweet and embarrassed over a dropped plate of spaghetti. I wanted to jump up and go to you, make you smile because I knew if I did, I would be witnessing the most beautiful thing I've ever seen... Brighter than the damn sun."

Jordan and Blake's story is about love and growth and how true love can help heal old wounds.

"You make my life beautiful again, for the first time in a long time." He slides one arm around my waist, his hand on my back. The other arm goes up, that hand bunching the hair at the back of my head. Yanking my head back gently, he places an open mouth kiss on the base of my throat.
"We make life beautiful; it's just because of each other that we can now see the beauty."

Blake is a major reason Jordan wants to get better. He shows her that it's ok not to be perfect and to have flaws.

"You are beautiful all the time, but when you look truly happy, you make my chest hurt you're so goddamn magnificent."

A Simple touch also had some comedic relief and laugh out loud moments :)

"He is huge everywhere, but I tell myself I'm being stupid. Vaginas are one size fits all, right? I hope to god they are. Holy Christ on a cracker."


If you love a real, emotional read with a love story that is true and honest A Simple Touch is it.

I really loved this book and I'm very excited about reading more from Natasha Wilson.

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Natasha is AmazeBalls and gave us one of our favorite scenes in Blake's POV...And it's sooooo good!!
*Spoiler Alert*
Please don't read until you have read the book FIRST.

*Blake’s POV of the first touch scene*
I take a few steps back after I ring the doorbell for the third time. I want to give Jordan some space after last night because, fuck, I’ll never get the look on her face when that shithead touched her out of my head. Visions of that haunted me all night until I said screw it and I had to come and check on her and try to set things right. I hear the locks turning so I shove my hands in my pockets to keep from reaching for her when she slings open the door, already talking.
“Forget your keys? What, did all your blood drop down into your vagi—oh shit!” Her face is bright red when she realizes it’s me at her door instead of Dacey, her roommate. She closes her eyes as if to wish me away and it takes all my power to not start laughing. I take the chance to look my fill of her while she isn’t watching.
She is the only woman I have ever met that could make my pulse skyrocket and my dick rise in a pair of old, cutoff sweatpants and a ragged t-shirt. I clench my hands into fists in my pockets because my damn instinct is to drag her to me and attack that full, pouty mouth of hers. As I’m staring at it, it opens to probably spout more of her funny as hell curse words at me. I cut her off before she has the chance.
“Just let me say something before you start. I’m not going to apologize for what happened last night, that jackass should’ve already gotten a clue he wasn’t welcome to put his hands on you. No one needs to be putting their hands on you unless you say so. I’d do it all over again to get that look off your face. You looked like you were dying inside and I never want to see it on your face again. I’ll scare the shit out of as many guys as I need to, to keep it gone for good. The only thing I’m sorry for is scaring you and maybe ruining my chance to get to know you better.” I turn around to leave but I’m not giving up. I’ll give her a day or two to forgive me and then come back.
I take one step and smile when I hear her say, “I wasn’t scared of you.“ I face her and she asks, “You want to come in?”
“Damn right I do, Sugar.” I might’ve responded too eagerly because she immediately gets nervous, her eyes bouncing all around, never settling on me at all. When she barely manages to set a cup of coffee in front of me without spilling it all over the table and awkwardly says, “Sooo—“ I decide to help her out.
“Sugar, relax. You being so wound up is probably why you do some of the funny shit that you do. Not that I don’t like the funny shit you do but I want you to be comfortable around me and you being wound up so tight means you’re not comfortable. I’m just going to sit here, drink this coffee and hopefully, if you’ll let me, unravel some of the mystery that is you.”
“Men can’t touch me,” she blurts out and slaps her hand to her mouth. I nod my head while inside I want to kill some unknown motherfucker for making her this way. I take a deep breath before I speak.
“I gathered that with what happened when I tried to and last night. Want to tell me why?” I can see her shoulders tense up and her green eyes harden instantly.
“No, and if you really need to know then leave right now.” I knew she wouldn’t tell me her story but I had to ask. Now I regret it since she is damn near hyperventilating. I tell her as calmly as I can, “Easy, Sugar, I’m not going to push it. I want to know but I can wait. We’ll see how things go and then talk more about it.” Her brow scrunches up in confusion.
“What do you think is going to happen?” I think for a minute so that I don’t spook her even more. If I tell her the complete truth I might lose her for good.
“For starters, we are going to go out on a date. If that goes as good as I think it will then I will be taking you out on even more dates until you can’t see yourself not being with me. I want you to be so comfortable with me that my touch will be second nature to you. That’s what I want to happen so that’s what I think is going to happen.” Jordan’s mouth opens wide in shock. Fuck, I went too far, too soon. It shouldn’t have been surprising, however, that she would shoot back with, “Why would you want to waste so much time on me? I might never want your touch and all of this might be for nothing.” She is so feisty sometimes that I could almost forget that she has been left fragile by a past I can only guess at.
She honestly doesn’t know the hold she has on me already. I would spend as much time as humanly possible with her. To make her feel wanted and fearless; even if we never last, my goal is to make her free from the pain that surrounds her like a damn shroud.
“It wouldn’t be a waste, believe me. I think any time spent with you is time well spent. As for the other, I’d fucking kill to be able to touch you without seeing complete terror in your eyes.” I pause and ask, “Would you be willing to try something?” She moves as far away as the kitchen chair will allow.
“What are you going to do?” Her voice is so shaky that I come close to backing out on what I’m about to do. To buy some time, I slowly raise my hand and stop right before I touch her cheek.
At that moment it is as if the world is narrowed down to just us. I can hear her rapid breathing and see her face turn deathly pale.  Nothing else matters but her reaction to me in the next few seconds. Her eyes are fixated in her lap and I wait. When her eyes meet mine, honest to god, I see a change come over her and I want to scream in victory when she whispers, “Yes.” Instead, I softly cup her cheek as if she might crumble beneath my fingertips. I have to swallow hard to fight my emotions because I absolutely know that this is the first tender touch that she has experienced in a long ass time.
Her skin is so soft, I could touch it all day long and still not get enough of it. When she presses her face further into my palm I want to beat my chest and declare her mine to anyone that would listen. While I can’t do that, I do tell her something equally important.
“I know that something happened to you, and I’ll say again, right now I don’t need the details. But whatever it was, was fucked up. It’s not the way a woman’s supposed to be treated, that’s for sure. A woman like you should be treated as a treasure you never want to lose, you keep her safe and protected. I know I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it until you believe me, you never have to be afraid of me. I will never hurt you.”
I see the tears form in her eyes—she has reached her limit for right now. I want her to want me, not run away from me any more. I stand up and head for the door. Jordan asks, “Where are you going?” in a high pitched tone and I curse myself for making her think that I would just heartlessly leave after breaking through the first, and most difficult, of her emotional walls.
“I’m leaving to let you think about what I said, also so you can do what you have to do so I can pick you up at seven for our first date. My first mission is about to start.”
“Operation Make Jordan Smile.” The edges of her lips tilt up but it’s not what I’m striving for so I say as I walk out, “Ahh, almost there.”
I stand back in the hallway that I was in just under an hour ago but my whole life has changed in that short amount of time. Jordan Thomas is the only thing that I want now and I will take whatever demons she has and make them mine so that I can call her mine…entirely. Nothing short of everything will do.

~About Natasha~

A resident of Texas, I spend most of my days trying to turn my three girls into polite young ladies (it's not working). To somewhat keep my sanity, I spend my nights writing about love and the crazy, and sometimes beautiful, things that life can throw your way. My husband couldn't be happier because I'm much easier to live with now.


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