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Thursday, April 11, 2013

New Author Introduction!

We are excited to introduce new author
 Lisa Royea!
She is currently writing her debut novel "Coast to Coast". For every 100 likes that she gets on her Facebook page, she will be releasing a TEASER!!!
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Emerson is about to graduate college and move on into the real world of working. Her long term boyfriend Logan is about to do the same. The difference? He knows exactly what he wants to do and she doesn’t have a clue.
When an internship opportunity arises for Logan, he’s forced to take it and stay in Boston. Emerson must spend the summer in California overseeing a renovation project of her family’s beach house, now without Logan.
While Emerson and her cousin Jessica are helping each other with the beach house, their relationships, and their futures, they keep running into Shane. He puzzles Emerson and makes her question if real love should be calm and comfortable, like what she has with Logan. Or maybe it would be better with someone new, exciting, and unpredictable, like Shane.
While Emerson deals with her complicated feelings about Logan and Shane, Jessica has her own issues with her Marine boyfriend, Lucas, who can’t seem to commit. Before the summer is up, the entire Bennett family will have to deal with changes that none of them ever saw coming. Everyone in the family will be forced to wonder if love can survive, especially if the distance between hearts is coast to coast.
“Come on Logan, let’s go to bed. You’ll feel better after some sleep. And don’t forget, every dark situation looks better in California sunshine.” I winked my eye and smiled, hoping to get a little rise out of him.
“FUCK that SHIT Emerson! I can’t go running off on vacation with you when I have nothing. This is my life that’s on the line. I need an internship, a job, something. I have to stay here and make that happen. I don’t have time to go play with you on the beach.” My eyes were wide with shock and tearing up. I couldn’t breathe and my heart was pounding. Logan had never yelled at me like that. In fact, I’d never heard him yell like that ever, drunk or sober. It scared me and made me angry at the same time.
“Well fine then Logan. Fuck you too. And just in case you need to be reminded it’s not just your life, it’s OUR life.” I stormed into the bedroom, grabbed a pillow and blanket, and threw it out on the living room floor. “Get used to it. Looks like you’ll be sleeping alone all summer. Oh no, I take that back, you’ll have your ego to keep you company.” I slammed the bedroom door shut, flopped down on the bed, and let the tears flow. How had all my plans changed so drastically since this morning?
More teasers to come!!!

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