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Monday, March 4, 2013

Beautiful Blogger Award!

Thank you SMIBookClub for the nomination! 

The BBCC is just a baby blog/Facebook presence. We actually started as a small bookclub, and I just thought to myself "Self, you have some talented ladies in this group. We can totally read and write reviews together, and pimp out favorite Indies!" That is how the BBCC was born in June 2012. 

We have gotten more support than we could ever imagine, and we THANK YOU fellow readers and bloggers alike!

Seven Things About This Blogger:

1. My favorite color is Blue.

2. I'm currently an English major. I hope to teach high school English, and hopefully start my own editing company some day! 

3. I'm addicted to Pinterest.

4. I love to travel, and I cannot wait to spend at least 6 months in Italy! haha

5. My food weaknesses are Pizza and Ice Cream. 

6. I cry when I watch Biggest Loser.

7. I wouldn't be where I am now if it weren't for my family, friends and God! :) 


Now for the Nominees!

Angie's Dreamy Reads -- Just because I've known you forever, and we can work through the silly things! 

SmutBookClub -- We all became fast friends in Orlando, and you are truly beautiful and talented!

Anas Attic-- Because I haven't had that much fun in sooo long!! (Orlando 2013) 

Bookslapped-- Beautiful talented besties! Hope to work more with you ladies!

C&C Book Blog-- Because I love smart mouth girls that love to read and eat cupcakes! haha!

Up All Night Book Blog-- Love your Blog!!

Into The Night Book Reviews-- Just a bunch of Awesome!

The rules work as follows:
You are to copy the logo onto your post, Thank the people who nominated you. Then please tell us 7 things about you. You may then nominate 7 people for the award.

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